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New Sermon Series: Minor Prophets. Major Message.

Author Jamie Mosley, Written Jun 28, 2013

Minor Prophets. Major Message.

Redeemer Church will begin our next sermon series on July 7 in our Sunday Gathering. The series is called, Minor Prophets. Major Message. How 12 Obscure Messengers Speak to Modern Reality.

The Minor Prophets are twelve books located in the middle of your Bible near the end of the Old Testament. They are those short little books that often get in your way as you journey from Psalms to Matthew. The books each carry the name of a prophet like Hosea, Micah, or Nahum. Some of us have never read them. Many of us have never understood them. Most of us wonder how 2,500 year-old messages to the Edomites relate to our modern reality.

As Thomas McComiskey writes,

The corpus of biblical books we call the Minor Prophets has not enjoyed great prominence in the history of biblical interpretation. It is not difficult to understand why this is so. Where is the edification for a modern Christian in a dirge of celebrating the downfall of an ancient city? How can the gloomy forecasts of captivity for Israel and Judah lift the heart today?

I grant these books are obscure, but they are theologically rich and spiritually powerful. These prophets are called minor, but their message is major for us. They earned the name minor because they are short. All twelve books only cover 53 pages in my Bible. These prophets are what you wish I could become on Sunday mornings, brief.

We must remember the Minor Prophets were included in our Bible for a reason. In the Minor Prophets, we see God in a new way. As James Boice says of the Minor Prophets, “They dramatize the character of God.” These books show us God’s message to real people in real places at real moments in time. God even tells them how He feels and what He desires from them. Granted, we do not live in places like Edom and it is not 700 BC.   Yet, God is speaking into real situations, and there is much we can see, learn, and believe that is highly tangible to our modern reality.

I invite you to begin reading the Minor Prophets and join us as we begin this journey together. I pray we will see God’s character and God’s ways in a new, transformative manner.

On Sunday, we will distribute printed invitations so you can invite someone to join us for this series. If you miss Sunday or need more invitations, email me. I will get more to you.