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How I Plan To Fast

March 28, 2017 | by: Jamie Mosley | 0 Comments

We are beginning a season of prayer and fasting at Redeemer Church called Waiting: 42 Days of Prayer and Fasting. Perhaps a more accurate title would be, 42 Days of Prayer and 7 Days of Fasting, but that would be far too long.


Fasting - Spiritual fasting entails setting aside activities as well as reducing the intake of food and replacing these activities with the exercise of prayer and preoccupation with spiritual concerns. The New Testament word which is translated “fasting” literally means one who has not eaten, one who is empty. (Baker Encyclopedia of the Bible).


As part of Waiting, we are asking you to fast each Wednesday. Tomorrow, March 29, is the first. I suspect that some of you are fasting veterans with much to teach me. Yet, some of you have never fasted before and a little guidance will be helpful. I humbly offer my fasting plan.

My fasting plan will be simple and focused:

  • I plan to not eat breakfast or lunch on Wednesdays.
  • I will drink water (likely lots), and I will drink a small amount of coffee.
  • I will break my fast with my family at the evening meal on Wednesday.

Since the purpose of fasting is not merely omitting food, I will be intentional to use more time to pray and seek God. I plan to awaken each Wednesday for a time of personal prayer for Redeemer. Before leaving for work, I will pray similarly with my family. We would normally do this over breakfast, but we will do it without food on fast days. I will set aside a period of time around lunch time for more prayer for Redeemer. Throughout the day, I will allow my hunger pangs to drive into additional prayer and Bible reading. Just before dinner, our family will offer a prayer of thanks and enjoy a meal together.

Please notice the large amount of praying throughout the day. This is the point of fasting. We are setting aside a time to seek after God, God’s wisdom and God’s blessing together.

I ask you to join me. I challenge you to push yourself into something uncomfortable and fearful. Those are my emotions about days of fasting. I trust God will meet us there.

My method of fasting is not the only one and will not likely work for everyone. I am specifically thinking of diabetics, nursing mothers and people with health conditions. If this is you, I encourage you to find other ways to join us in fasting on Wednesdays.

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For additional preparation, consider this short article, Fasting for Beginners.

My friend, Dan Ploof, offers some additional thoughts on fasting here.

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