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Marriage Weekend Reflection

March 23, 2018 | by: Jamie Mosley | 0 Comments

Our Marriage: What Did You Expect event last weekend was fun, enjoyable, convicting, helpful, and fruitful. We are very thankful to Jason Gibson for joining us to lead our conversations and to Paul Tripp Ministries for making the teaching livestream available.

I am personally processing what we learned and trying to apply it to my life and marriage. I hope these reflections will help us all pursue lasting transformation.

How Do You and Your Spouse Relate?

Jason Gibson stated that most of our marital interactions can be categorized as correcting, directing, or connecting. The question to ponder, how much of our marital communication is for connecting?

I live in a house where I work as a pastor, my wife runs a business, I help her with the business, my wife homeschools our three kids, our three kids all play athletics, we have to eat regularly, we have to clean the house occasionally, we attend church activities, we desire to be good neighbors, etc.

I don’t really think this is unique. I think we all live in this scenario. What does this scenario require? Directing and Correcting. Lots of them. It is the only way to navigate.

Therefore, connecting will naturally be sidelined. Connecting will not come naturally. Connecting will take planning. Connecting will take intentionality. Most days, I feel that I don’t really have time for connecting.

Yet, I am learning that I long for connecting with my wife, and she longs for connecting with me. I am newly committed to not allow connecting to be sidelined for the sake of directing and correcting. It will be for our good.

I think it will be for your good as well. Will you consider with me on the continuum of correcting, directing, or connecting in your marriage?  

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