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Marriage Weekend Reflection, Part 2

April 2, 2018 | by: Jamie Mosley | 0 Comments

Our Marriage: What Did You Expect event was fun, enjoyable, convicting, helpful, and fruitful. We are very thankful to Jason Gibson for joining us to lead our conversations and to Paul Tripp Ministries for making the teaching livestream available.

I am personally processing what we learned and trying to apply it to my life and marriage. I hope these reflections will help us all pursue lasting transformation.

3 Truths We Carry in Our Marriages

In Session One, Paul Tripp shares three truths that we carry in our marriages:

  1. Your marriage takes place in a dramatically broken world that does not function as God intended.
  2. You are a sinner married to a sinner.
  3. You are blessed with a Redeemer, who is powerful, faithful, and willing.  

From a biblical perspective, we look at these and quickly agree. I hope that we have not become so comfortable with these theological truths that we miss their relational and marital impact.

Here are 9 of the ways these truths are shaping my marriage...

  • I am a sinner in the ways I relate to God, others, and my wife. My sin is a problem in my family. It may not be the only problem, but is a problem. I must stop hiding from this reality.
  • My ability to see my sin, repent of it, and seek reconciliation is vital to marital health, marital vitality, my wife’s joy, and my joy.
  • My wife is a sinner, too. This fact is not a tool for shaming her or a weapon for winning arguments with her. It is a truth to create compassion toward her, forgiveness to her, and prayer for her.
  • Because of our mutual sinfulness, the path forward in our marriage is often repentance, forgiveness, and reconciliation.
  • Because of the gospel, our mutual sinfulness is not the last word in our marriage. God is at work to transform us, make us more like Jesus, and cause us to love each other more faithfully. Our future does not have to be defined by our past.
  • Because we live in a “dramatically broken world,” our marriage will face many struggles, hurts, and realities not caused by our personal sin and not healed by interpersonal repentance. I am thinking of physical illness, mental illness, death, loss of job, injustice, persecution, etc. In these situations, the challenge is standing together in love and unity without turning against one another. In these moments, my wife needs me to be strong, hopeful, humble, supportive, and prayerful.
  • Our God is powerful to accomplish all His purposes toward us. He is able. We can lean into Him. There is nothing our marriage needs that He is not capable of providing.
  • Our God is faithful to His Word, His promises, His character, and His people. He will never leave us. He will never forsake us. This includes our marriage. We can trust that He is with us always.
  • Our God is willing to heal and sanctify. We can pray with boldness. We can long with confidence for our marriages to be healed, restored, and bear spiritual fruit because God is eager to work for His people.

What more would you add? I wonder how the Holy Spirit is leading you to apply these truths. 

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