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May 30 Property Update

May 30, 2017 | by: Jamie Mosley | 0 Comments

As of May 30, we continue waiting for the legal system and logistical matters to be worked out so that the property at 177 Bonita Parkway can become Redeemer's new home. We still hope to receive approval by June 1. Until we receive this approval, planning is hard, and communication is harder.

Because we want to keep everyone informed and involved, these are the updates that we can offer. We will edit this post should any of this information change.

  • Grace Christian Joins Us Immediately - Grace Christian Church held its last worship service on Sunday, May 28. We will be welcoming many of their members into our Worship Gathering on June 4 and beyond. Please be on lookout for these dear folks.  Welcome them, invite them to sit with you, answer their questions and serve them. Let me also say a huge thank you to Chris Marks for leading worship at Grace Christian for the last five weeks. His ministry has been a huge blessing to both churches. Additionally, thank you to Ben Morrow, Stephen Carlson, Josh Hayes and Bryan Farmer for preaching faithfully during this time.
  • Workdays Scheduled - We will have at least two workdays at the new property on June 3 and June 10. We will begin at 8:00 a.m. and work as long as people are willing. Please consider coming as you are able. There is work that everyone can do. Can you only work for a short time? Please come. Can you not arrive until later in the morning? Please come then. We will send more information about this later this week.
  • Vacation Bible School from July 17-21 - VBS will be hosted at our new location. While every VBS is important, this year’s will carry great importance. The work leading up to VBS and during VBS will be a first impression to this new community. I hope that we will make a strong one. Men, women and youth are all needed to serve in some manner. Please find a way to join us in this endeavor. You can contact Ben Morrow to learn more.

As we wait, let’s continue earnestly in prayer. I hope to share more good news as this week unfolds.

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