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More Waiting...

May 30, 2017 | by: Jamie Mosley | 0 Comments

Thank you for praying and fasting with us over the last six weeks. I cannot wait to hear how God has worked in you, your family and our church.

I want to share a brief update as we approach the end of Waiting: 42 Days of Prayer and Fasting. The Lord has purposed that we wait a little longer. I do not want this fact to overly disappoint us or cause us to forget how much He is working for us and answering our prayers. Let me explain and share some vision for us.  

Why More Waiting?

We have been waiting for the legal system and logistical matters to be worked out so that the property at 177 Bonita Parkway can become Redeemer's new home. While we have made much progress, the legal process is going to require more time.

We have completed all the required paperwork, but we are awaiting the appropriate people to have adequate time to review our case and render a decision. The additional waiting is not a matter of law, but a matter of workflow. There are no major issues standing in our way. There is no reason to fear. The office with the State of Tennessee hopes to give us approval by June 1. 

Until we receive this approval, we cannot formally take possession of the property or make any changes to it. 

Will you pray for this approval to come quickly? Let's pray it would come even sooner. 

What Will We Do While Waiting?

  • We will remind ourselves daily that God is control of all things, He is the one creating this great situation of receiving a church facility for free and He desires that we trust Him.
  • We will continue praying for God's blessing and provision over this situation. 
  • We will use the month of May to make more plans for our transition. There is still much we can do while we wait. Our Building Transition Team will meet soon to create and advance these plans. 
  • We will still have tomorrow's picnic and celebration with the people of Grace Christian Church. 
  • We will still seek to love, care for and welcome our brothers and sisters at Grace Christian. 

I look forward to seeing you tomorrow for worship and our celebration with Grace Christian. If you have any questions, feel free to comment below or email me. 

In Christ,

Pastor Jamie

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