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Processing Our Busyness: Your Response

October 22, 2013 | by: Jamie Mosley | 0 Comments

My last blog post introduced you to a new book, Crazy Busy, and invited you into a conversation about our busy lives and God's calling upon those same lives. The topic seemed to spark interest. I asked you to tell me why you desire to read Crazy BusyHere is some of the feedback I received. 

images"Because I'm too crazy busy to finish the email!"

"We are certainly juggling a lot with 2 small children, work and church stuff…"

"I desire to read this book to educate me on the ways of time management, spending more time with Jesus, and teaching others to do the same."

"I would love a copy of this book for a very different reason than most! I find myself in a new season of life, and I actually have some time on my hands! But I want to fill that time with the 'best' God has for me…"

"It sounds like this would help us answer how we are supposed to honor God with our daily lives that keep us too busy to focus on God each day."

"I am too busy to respond to you!"

"The title interests me greatly. I am driven by the urgent and it is all urgent."

"I need this book because I am crazy busy as a wife, mother, sister, aunt, friend, daughter-in-law, sister-in law, nurse, event planner, jail warden, chef, tutorial director, teacher, meal planner, banker, landscaper, shopper, hostess, Christian, care giver, cheerleader, counselor, political activist, granddaughter, cousin, taxi driver, schedule coordinator..."

"God is giving me a desire in my heart to live simply, and to seek what's really important because the rest is meaningless. I don't want to miss out on Him because of busyness."

"The main thing that God is saying to me is that I need to reassess priorities. I've been through times like this in the past where things are good and everything is great, but then all of a sudden it seems the worries of being busy become overwhelming. In reality, things are still good and great, but amongst the busyness, I've managed to squeeze time with God to very little to close to none while still thinking "that's ok". Then, I come to the realization that my focus isn't where it should be. I'm going to stop there for now since I have to get back to work."

A little humor mixed with a little honesty makes for a great conversation. Thanks for the feedback!

I particularly loved the responses 7-10 days after I posted the first article asking, "Am I too late for the free book?" I cannot really cast stones since it has taken me 14 days to write a reply to your replies. We need help!

Based on the above response and my own struggles with feelings of busyness, this is a timely conversation for us.I look forward processing with you.

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