Worship |  9:00am & 10:30am


Chicago: July 9-15, 2016

Why Chicago?
Rogers Park is a neighborhood in Chicago with a population of roughly 55,000 people where there are several small churches, but where 90% or more of the people are unchurched. There is a high population of young people and families, many of them low income or with limited resources. There is much opposition to Christianity by many and there is little knowledge of Christ for others.                                             

Who Is Rogers Park Community Church?
Rogers Park Community Church resides in the neighborhood of Rogers Park, a suburb of Chicago. They have been a part of that community for just over 10 years. Their average attendance is under 100. Additionally, the church has limited financial resources due to the average income of its attendees. RPCC is led by Pastor Tripp Grant, the brother of Cayte King, who grew up in Hendersonville attending Beech High School and Bluegrass Baptist.

What is the neighborhood like?
Rogers Park is highly diverse and multicultural. Some studies have indicated that upwards of 100 languages are spoken within the immediate surrounding area of the church. There is a high population of displaced people groups from Africa, West Asia, and Southeast Asia, as it is a key location for refugee placement in Chicago. Ultimately, is is the "end of the earth" as described by Jesus in Acts 1:8, all within a 2 mile radius. There are many parks scattered throughout the neighborhood that allow for outreach. Additionally, the east side of the neighborhood is spanned with beaches that are very busy throughout the summer months.

What is the mission of this particular trip?
The purpose of this trip is to plan and lead a VBS for the children of the community of Rogers Park, with the hope of connecting them to this local body of believers, but also introducing them to Jesus. We will be linking arms with RPCC to engage with their local community and share the Gospel.                                           

What are the logistics of this trip?
Approximate Cost: $400 (age 13+), $200 (birth-12 yrs old)
Your cost will cover your housing, food, and transportation.
We will be housed at a Youth with a Mission (YWAM) facility in the neighborhood. RPCC has a strong relationship with the managers of this particular facility, which is easily capable of housing small to midsized missions teams doing missions work in Rogers Park.

What is my next step if I'm interested in going?
Continue to pray towards the possibility of being a part of this great mission opportunity. If you'd like more information or if you'd like to sign-up, simply call or email our pastor, Jamie Mosley. You can email Jamie at jamie@redeemertn.org or call 615-601-1475. Let him know you'd like more information and that you are considering the possibility of going with us to Chicago.