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Community Groups

What Is A Community Group?

 Christians intentionally pursuing discipleship and mission together.

  • Discipleship - following Christ and helping others do the same.
  • Mission - making a gospel impact where we are in word and deed.
  • Together - knowing and being known by fellow believers.

Types of Meetings

  • Study & Prayer
  • Family Meals
  • Men's Connection
  • Women's Connection
  • Gathering in Public Spaces
  • Gatherings with Multiple Groups

    Each group will have programming for children called, Kids in Community. Redeemer will provide a schedule and lesson for each week. Group members will take turns leading the lesson time. Beyond the lesson, the group can determine how to best serve the needs of our children. Meghan Dukes, our Kids Ministry Director, is available to partner with groups in KIC decision-making.

    Because of other church programing for youth, youth attending Community Group can either participate with the older children or serve by helping with younger children.

Important Questions:

  • Size: Each group will have 10-14 adults along with kids.
  • Meeting Time: The frequency, time and type of gatherings is determined within each group. Most groups will connect four or five times per month. It is best to talk with a leader about what his group will look like.
  • Kids: We desire children to participate in the life and mission of our groups as much as possible. In groups with kids, Kids in Community will be part of the group’s life. The content and structure of Kids in Community will be tailored to the age and number of kids in each group. Kids will also participate in the fellowship and mission of the group.

Join A Community Group:
If you have questions about a Community Group, you can email us or you can communicate directly with a leader.

If you wish to join a Community Group, please email us, and we will help you find the best group for you.