Worship & Classes |  9:00am & 10:30am


Adult Discipleship Studies

We have two Adult Discipleship Studies (one during in each hour) that meet on Sunday morning. These studies are 13-week studies. The first study begins August 4, 2019. Our current adult studies are:

9:00am - Gospel Foundations
Led by Josh Hayes, Ben Morrow, Zane Seals

Gospel Foundations provides an overview of the storyline of the Bible, helping us to see how the entirety of Scripture bears witness to the life, death, and resurrection of God’s Son, Jesus the Messiah. This study will focus on the narrative portions of the New Testament, looking primarily at the Four Gospels and the Book of Acts, while also considering some key biblical doctrines along the way.

10:30am - The Gospel of Matthew
Led by Stephen Carlson

The First Gospel was written by the apostle Matthew to demonstrate that Jesus of Nazareth was the Messiah of Old Testament promise and Jewish expectation. The first nine chapters of Matthew include numerous well-known passages, such as the birth narrative, Satan's temptation of Jesus, the Sermon on the Mount, early teachings of Jesus on the nature of God's kingdom, and several miracles. This study will focus on what these passages meant in their original context and how they apply to Jesus' followers today--about two thousand years after they happened.

NEW LOCATION: Our adult classes now meet in the far right classroom (as you stand facing the building) of the modular building on campus.