Sunday School 9:15am | Worship 10:30am


Adult Discipleship Studies

We currently have two Adult Discipleship Studies that begin at 9:15 on Sunday morning.
Our current adult studies are:

Missions 101: What, Why, & How of Missions  
Led by Spencer Essenpreis

What does the Bible teach about missions? Why does God call us to live on mission, and how can we fulfill God's calling? Join us for this discipleship study that is a balanced mix of Bible, theology, and practical application.

Paul’s First Letter to the Corinthians (Part 1)
Led by Stephen Carlson

No congregation caused more problems for the apostle Paul than the church in Corinth, and this is the reason Paul's letters provide evidence of more correspondence between him and the Corinthian church than any other. In this class, we will study 1 Corinthians through verse-by-verse exposition with an emphasis on how the truths and principles in this book apply to believers in the church of the twenty-first century.