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Online Giving

Our online giving is conducted via Planning Center Online. Here are a few things you can do with our online portal:

  • Setup a recurring gift.
  • Setup a one-time gift.
  • Designate any gift (one-time or recurring) to one fund or to multiple funds.

Current Funds Available:

  • General Fund - for all regular tithes & offerings.
  • Redeemer on Mission - designated for specific missional purposes.
  • Building Fund - for gifts above and beyond regular giving - to be used for Redeemer's current and future building costs
  • Tiny Hands - to directly support the ministry of Austin Munn

Here is a quick guide for how to select a specific fund to give to. To access our online portal, please use the button below.

With our online giving system, you can give online without the use of a password. All you need is your email address (used for communication with Redeemer) and your checking account information.

Give Online Button