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Meet Our Elders

The church government of Redeemer can best be described as congregational in nature and led by a plurality of elders. The basic leadership of the church is made up of elders, deacons and staff.

The elders serve the church by giving spiritual oversight and direction to the church. The scope of responsibility of the elders includes church doctrine, the vision and mission of the church, oversight of churches ministries, accountability for all church leadership, shepherding the congregation through prayer and the ministry of the word, and major decisions effecting the life of the church. The biblical basis and criteria for selection of elders is I Timothy 3 and Titus 1.

Redeemer Church Elders:
Jamie Mosley
Stephen Carlson
Bill Seaver
Jacky King
Scott Hall (Bio Coming Soon)


Stephen Carlson
Stephen has been a member of Redeemer Church since it began in 2010 and has served as an elder since July 2012. Stephen has served in various professional roles including church staff, interim pastor, & managing editor of the Holman Christian Standard Bible translation. Stephen is currently self-employed as an editor and writer for various Christian publishers, and he has served as an adjunct professor for the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary since 1996. Stephen and his wife Roberta have two sons: Benjamin & Timothy.

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Ken Henley
Ken has been a member of Redeemer since it began in 2010 and has served as an elder since 2012. Ken currently serves as Director of Visualization at ESA, an architectural company in Nashville. He studied Advertising Design/Television Visual Graphics at Central Piedmont College, Charlotte, NC. He then attended Evangelical Institute of Greenville in Greenville, SC where he met his wife Denise. They married upon graduation. Ken and Denise have 4 grown children: David, Jennifer, John, & Erin. They also have six grandchildren.<

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Bill Seaver
Bill has been a member of Redeemer since it began in 2010 and has served as an elder since 2011. Bill has been a marketing consultant, conference speaker and writer since 2007. He's also Cofounder of Epic Frequency and serves on the board of directors for Jonathan Edwards Classical Academy. He's been married to Melanie since 2001. They have four children: Kate, Audrey, Will and Andrew.

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JackyKingJacky King 

Jacky has been a member of Redeemer since 2013 and began serving as an elder in 2017. He currently serves as manager of Strategic Analytics at Vanderbilt University Medical Center. He has a passion for youth ministry and has served in some capacity ever since his days in college. He is married to Cayte, and they have two daughters: Olyvia and Caylee Lou.

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