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Thailand: Early Nov. 2015

Why Thailand?
Thailand is a strategic city that the non-profit collegiate ministry, Campus Outreach, has served in for over 30 years. Over a year and a half ago, 2 members of Redeemer Church, Brandon and Amanda Brown, accepted the calling to go and serve with Campus Outreach to spread the Gospel to students on the campus of Khon Kaen University.  As a church family, we desire to partner with Brandon and Amanda as they take the Gospel to the ends of the earth.                                        

What is Khon Kaen like?
Khon Kaen is one of the major cities in Thailand's National Economic and Social Plan and is home to Khon Kaen University - the country's largest university with over 25,000 students enrolled. Khon Kaen is a regional center for education, financial institutions, government offices and transportation. The city is also an industrial center, especially for the region's silk trade, as well as an agricultural hub. That region is characterized as a tropical savanna, with average temperatures staying above 80 degrees (F) throughout the year.

What is the mission of this particular trip?
The purpose of this trip is to partner with Brandon and Amanda Brown as they serve the students and people of Khon Kaen University. We will go to encourage and serve the Browns, learn more about their ministry, pray on campus with the Browns, and serve the Campus Outreach staff and do ministry together in the city.

What are the logistics of this trip?
Approximate Cost: $2500
This cost will cover your housing, food, and transportation.
More details will be coming soon.

What is my next step if I'm interested in going?
Continue to pray towards the possibility of being a part of this great mission opportunity. If you'd like more information or if you'd like to sign-up, simply call or email our pastor, Jamie Mosley. You can email Jamie at or call 615-601-1475. Let him know you'd like more information and that you are considering the possibility of going with us to Thailand.